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Sousuke/Kaname Community

Guns and paper Fan

Sousuke & Kaname Community
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Welcome to the Sagara Sousuke and Chidori Kaname Community from the wonderful novel, manga, and anime, Full Metal Panic. As you have guessed, this community welcomes anything and everything that relates to Sousuke/Kaname, including graphics, fanarts, fanfictions, drabbles, links. Come join us, and make new friends while you're at it!

Every community has one, so this one is no exception!
1.Introductory posts are welcomed, but it's best when it brings offerings.
2.Be polite. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
3.lj cuts are required when dealing with spoilers or mature contents. Please label everything accordingly.
4.Keeps posts about Sousuke, Kaname or Sousuke/Kaname in general as much as possible. Posts about Sousuke/Kaname/Tessa are welcomed, but keep it to minimum.
5.Questions or comments regarding these rules can be directed to the Admin.
6.Have fun and discuss to your heart's contents.

Community Affiliates:
tdd_1 General Discussions about Full Metal Panic! the series.
fmp_icontest Full Metal Panic! Icon contest Community.
Would like to affiliate with us? Contact xaki_kun

Maintainer: xaki_kun
Moderator: camudekyu

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